Mold Junction

For many years, Mold Junction was the location of the main freight marshalling yard for the North Wales Coast line. At the time of these photgraphs it was very close to the end of its life, but was still a staging point for freights to Llandudno Junction and beyond, as well as for some workings to Wrexham Croes Newydd. After the photographs are details of the timetabled mandatory, conditional and trip freight workings from the yard in the summer of 1976, with no less than 22 departing trains in every 24 hour period. The yard closed in 1980 or 81, but survived for a while longer as engineers sidings.

24063 at Mold Jcn 29/07/77 (s1258.jpg)

24063 arrives at Mold Jcn with 8D85 19:10 from Croes Newydd Yard to Mold Jcn, due to arrive 20:14, but running about 30 minutes late, on 29th July 1977. It is crossing from the down fast to the down slow and then into the yard. Note the splendid ex-LNWR bracket signals (although with upper quadrant arms), controlled from Mold Junction No 1 signal box seen on the right. Mold Junction No 4 was also still operational at this time, controlling access to the western end of the yard. This train had reversed at Chester No 5, in the loop alongside the Birkenhead line. Visible to the left of the main line are tank wagons in the wagon works, accessed from the up side headshunt.

24035 at Mold Jcn 28/04/78 (s1664.jpg)

On the evening of the 28th April 1978, 24035 is seen shunting a rake of Presflo wagons at Mold Jcn. These are probably empties from Bangor returning to Penyffordd, and will run via Croes Newydd Yard at Wrexham. Behind the train are the four main running lines, and on the other side, the remains of the up side yard, once used for handling slate from all the major North Wales quarries served by the LNWR. Finally, terraces of typical LNWR railway houses complete the scene.

24035 at Mold Jcn 28/04/78 (s1665.jpg)

On that evening, 24023 and 24035, a Class 47 and the resident Class 08 shunter were in the yard. As can be seen from the timetable below (2 years earlier, but still indicative), this would have been a busy time, as the eastbound evening departures were assembled. The line to Mold and Denbigh once curved off to the left of the yard sidings,and a triangle was formed by a curve from Mold Jcn No 4 box. The triangle remained in existance until the yard closed. On the left is the shed wall, and signs of the scrapyard that occupied the shed yard.

24023 at Mold Jcn 28/04/78 (s1669.jpg)

24023 moves out of the yard towards No 1 box, ready to leave on one of the eastbound services. As it's only the end of April, the light has almost gone, but behind the loco can be seen the still-extant Mold Junction engine shed, once the provider of motive power for freight workings in the Chester area. There was also once a station here, Saltney Ferry - an island platform accessed by steps from the road bridge, and only served by trains to Mold.

Freight Arrivals and Departures at Mold Junction
3 May - 1 Oct 1976

8F56  00:50Runcorn Folly Lane


8D66Ellesmere Port West Sdgs01:58  

MX. (Loco LD to Chester HS)

7D90Stoke Yard01:2703:15Bangor


7T27Chester Yard02:2803:13Llandudno Jn


8K41  03:34Pratts Sdgs

MSX. (Loco LD from Chester HS)

8T28  04:10Llandudno Jn & Penmaenmawr

SX. (Loco LD from Chester HS).

8K41  05:20Pratts Sdgs

MO. (Loco LD from Chester HS)

7T30  05:40Bangor, Gaerwen, Valley & Holyhead

SX. (Loco LD from Chester HS).

8T29  05:47Holywell Jn & Talacre

MO. (Loco LD from Chester HS). (Starts at Holywell Jn MSX).

7M04Healey Mills06:41  


4H59Holyhead CT06:2506:40Trafford Park FLT

SX. Freightliner. Detaches portion for 4G66

4G66  07:40Lawley St FLT

SX. Freightliner.

9T36Chester Yard06:5007:22Rhyl, Colwyn Bay & Llandudno Jn


8T37  08:20Connahs Quay, Holywell Jn & Mostyn

MWFO. (Loco LD from Chester HS).

0T29Connahs Quay CEGB10:2510:35Chester D.D.

SX. LD. After working 8T29 from Talacre. To work 9T29

9T29Chester D.D.11:5512:25Talacre


8D90Croes Newydd Yard12:40  

MO. (Loco LD to Chester HS)

8T37Mostyn, Holywell Jn & Dentiths Sdgs13:17  

MWFO. (Loco LD to Chester HS)

9T01Chester Wagon Shops13:5014:25Chester Wagon Shops

SX. Class 08.

9T29Talacre15:3016:40Holywell Jn



TThO. (Loco LD to Newton Heath HS)

9D40Manchester Hope St16:47  

MWFO. (Loco LD to Newton Heath HS)

8T36Llandudno Jn, Mostyn & Sandycroft16:54  

SX. (Loco LD to Chester HS)

6F50Holywell Jn17:5018:17Brunswick

SX. Stops for examination

8T29Holywell Jn18:04  

SX. (Loco LD to Chester Middle Yard)

4D58Lawley St FLT18:14  

SX. Freightliner.

7T46Amlwch Assoc Octel Sgds19:47  

SX. (Loco then works 8K37)

4D59Trafford Park 19:3520:25Holyhead CT

SX. Freightliner. Attaches vehicles from 4D58.

8D85Croes Newydd Yard20:58  


7K26  21:11Crewe Basford Hall


8K37  21:30Stoke Cockshute Sdgs


7F58  22:15Walton Old Jn


8F87  23:00Ellesmere Port West Sdgs




Additionally, Trip 11 (Mold Junction shunt) worked continuously from 00:20 Monday to 05:45 Saturday, except for a break between 12:55 and 15:25 daily.